We provide the design of only energy efficient sites:

  • Passive Houses
  • Active Houses
  • Solar Houses

  • Residential and public buildings
  • Recreational complexes
  • Autonomous eco villages and manors
  • HoReCa sites

Energy efficient site is the building, heat loses of which are reasonably smaller than currently set standards. Energy efficient buildings are the most comfortable, modern and efficient types of energy independent and energy saving buildings with optimized process of power consumption.

Passive House

Passive house (Passivhaus - in Gem.) is an energy efficient building where the warmth comfort is achieved by exclusively preheating (or precooling) fresh air, necessary to maintain the high quality of air in the building without its additional circulation.
Passive house is an independent energy system, the heating loses of which are so small that there is no need to make the separate heating system or there is the minimum need of power - not more than 15 KWt per hour/m2 per year. The comfortable temperature is gained by means of tidal air heating in winter and there is no need of air conditioner in the passive house in summer.

Active House


Active house is an energy efficient building with positive energy balance. In other words, it is the house with the engineering systems generating power more than it is necessary for its maintenance. Active house produces so much energy, so it can pass it to the central network. In such a way it becomes the resource of income, but not loses.
Positive energy balance of the active house is reached by means of the use of alternative energy resources – renewable resources, including solar, wind, sea, river, biomass and Earth warmth power and other additional sources that exist or appear from time to time in the environment.
Active house is a synergy of passive house and “smart” engineering concepts (maintenance and operational system that are functionally linked with all electric devices that you can control centrally with the help of remote control by Computer or Internet).

Solar house


Solar house is an energy efficient building that covers not less than 50% of heat necessity by means of solar energy (passive or active).
When this need is satisfied for 100% by means of solar energy, this building is considered automatically to be “a green one”.